Maiden General Introduces the FlightCare Insurance in The Netherlands

June 2018

‘s-Hertogenbosch/Netherlands and Stockholm/Sweden, 21st June 2018 -- Maiden General Försäkrings AB (Maiden General) today announced the introduction of its first travel insurance product, ”FlightCare” insurance. This new and innovative insurance product covers the inconvenience experienced by insured travelers when a flight is cancelled by the airline or arrives more than 3 hours late to its final destination. FlightCare also provides cover in case of flight diversion and denied boarding.

The launch of our new FlightCare product marks yet another milestone in the growth of Maiden General”, comments Max Reid, Chairman of Maiden General. “FlightCare is a great example of our philosophy: it provides true customer value by its wide range of covered events and its next generation claims management - whereby we initiate the claims process even without our customers having to tell us that their flight was delayed or cancelled.

Maiden General’s FlightCare insurance covers a wide variety of causes such as bad weather, ash clouds, airport or airline strike, overbooked flights or any other reason. The insurance benefit ranges between €250 and €600 depending on the flight distance.

As a standard procedure, Maiden General will monitor all flights and will pro-actively initiate the claims payment process when insured travelers are entitled to an insurance benefit.

Further product information is available on the company’s website under

Maiden General has teamed up with Vuelandia and EUclaim/Miss Casey to sell the insurance. It is Maiden General’s aim to sell FlightCare insurance via all local travel agents and online travel brokers in the Netherlands.

Maiden General Försäkrings AB operates in the Netherlands under freedom and services and in close cooperation with Intrasurance Group ( Together with its sister company, Maiden Life Försäkrings AB, it trades under the name of “Maiden Life & General”.
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