Operational Design

We have the ability to offer and handle our products in all countries of the European Economic Area, operating a single European IT system with local interfaces to suit local clients. Using our central management team, we design, build and execute programs in a matter of weeks.

But we don’t stop there. Our programs can be readily adapted with minimum fuss, whether that’s with the addition of a country, a product or a relaunch.  

Using our flexible operational setup we can facilitate each and every function in the value chain including; sales, policy admin, claims handling and reporting. We can also provide selected functions to complement your existing operational setup. By fully accommodating your branding requirements and with the provision of white-labelled online claims and policy management solutions, you can be confident that Maiden’s products will be seamlessly integrated into your existing structures.

Our data warehouse is equipped with the latest technology to keep all customer, policy and claims data secure in Europe. We use locally customised interfaces, enabling both local and European reporting, which means we’re able to manage all of our product designs across all EEA countries.


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