What does it do?

••• Due to the current travel restrictions, our FlightCare product is temporarily on hold.

Our innovative FlightCare insurance product covers the inconvenience experienced by your customers when a flight is cancelled by the airline or arrives more than 3 hours late to its final destination. Our insurance pays regardless of whether the airline is responsible for the cancellation or delay, or if it was due to another reason, such as bad weather.


Who is it for?

Travel agents
Online flight brokers
Online travel aggregators

What are the benefits?

Flight Cancellation:
The insurance pays if the airline cancels your customer’s flight.
Flight Delay:
We also pay if the flight arrives more than 3 hours late at the final destination.
Flight Rebooking:
If the airline books your customer onto a different flight and this flight arrives more than 3 hours late at the destination, then we pay as well.
Flight Diversion:
We cover flights that are diverted to other airports if this causes your customer a delay of more than 3 hours at their final airport destination.
Denied Boarding:
Even in the case of denied boarding (for example due to an overbooked flight) to your customer or any insured person, we provide coverage.
Benefit Levels:
Depending on the flight distance, we pay a fixed amount of up to EUR 600 (or equivalent in local currency).

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