Maiden and First Insurance Launch STIP Product to Customers of Tydliga

September 2018

Maiden and First insurance introduce a new standalone income protection product to the Swedish market

Maiden and First insurance are building on their existing partnership in Sweden, with the introduction of a new standalone income protection product to the market. With both a Basic and a Plus version to choose from, the product aims to help customers maintain their standard of living if they become unable to work, by providing a monthly benefit payment as selected by the individual customer. An additional life benefit of up to 1m SEK is also included in the Plus product. This new insurance is available via the Tydliga broker network.

Tydliga AB is a network of independent brokers with over 80-member companies and over 250 brokers across Sweden. More information about Tydliga can be found here

Mikael Eklof COO at First Insurance says “We think this product is great because it provides a reliable safety net to customers in case they fall on difficult times. The terms and conditions are clear and fair, providing real value to the insured.” Thomas Fjällström CEO Tydliga, “For the Tydliga Group, we always look for new smart carriers and I believe that Maiden Life & General fills a gap for us and for our members.”

Maiden Life & General are very pleased to continue collaborating with our trusted partners at First Insurance, and to develop this new partnership with Tydliga.